About Us



What is imossi? What does it mean? 

The story of imossi is not a gushy fairytale or an epic narrative of dramatic events. It starts in humble, unassuming origins and boldly articulates our approach to great design; where simplicity is at the heart of everything we do. 

It’s fitting then that we, the founders James and Sean, began our journey in London’s east end (where else!), a hotspot for entrepreneurs, inventors and all things creative. It was here that we mapped out a concept to revolutionise the modern wallet, here, whilst on our seventh flat white at a quirky east London cafe, where we put pen to paper and sketched out what would become our first product; the N1.


What is the N1?

Simply put, the N1 is a slim minimalist wallet machined from toughened aluminium which stores up to 10 cards and is customisable with a variety of interchangeable coloured straps.

The N1 was imagined as a unique alternative to the current wallet options. Created from a desire to de-clutter, it strips away bulk and excess material in favour of clean-cut, no nonsense, durable design. 

Each aspect of the N1 is meticulously planned out and delivered; from the concept design to the materials to the intricate packaging experience; we want people to know they have a unique product in their hands from the moment they open the box. With this in mind every attention has been paid to making this experience as fresh and new as the wallet itself.


Why ‘imossi' (e-mossy) ?

Fired up by our joint vision we wanted to launch a brand with the aim of translating our passion for great design. To do this we needed a name!

imossi was originally a family name, yet was quickly recognised as the perfect name to represent our brand’s core values. It encapsulates the sense of beauty, effortless style and the ‘less is more’ approach we take to design perfection.